My mission is to be client satisfaction driven.

I place special emphasis on high net worth professional clients. I have set up sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, estates, LLCs, and non-profit businesses.


Comprehensive Tax Management

Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs, and Estates

The best time to minimize your tax liability is about 12 months before they are due. This is proactive tax planning. This affords taxpayers a distinctive advantage by allowing year-end strategic planning and effective and timely structuring of your personal and business transactions.
Majsiak, CPA keeps current on new tax laws and legislation to identify tax reduction opportunities which will minimize current and future tax liabilities for you or your sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, or estate.

Majsiak, CPA provides special emphasis to professionals operating as sole proprietors or professional businesses. This includes attorneys, physicians, dentist, and artists.



Reviews and Compilation Services

Majsiak is uniquely qualified in preparing your company for business excellence. Whether you're just starting out or have a seasoned business, our 20+ years of experience and insights can guide you in making the right financial and accounting decisions.


Accounting Processes Outsourcing


Follow the trend today of some of the leading companies in the US and outsource your entire bookkeeping and accounting processes (APO). Cost savings and highly efficient! My firm can provide your company with a complete range of bookkeeping/Accounting services which will completely remove you from the tedium of 'back-office' paper work and allow you to 'just run your business.'
I will put people in your offices who will be on my payroll to administer all your needs. My office will supervise the process and provide timely and accurate bookkeeping services and also management reporting.

Let Majsiak, CPA provide you a free consultation and a proposal to outsource your accounting requirements.


Business Plan Development

Majsiak has extensive experience in preparing successful business plans with start-ups, turn-arounds, emerging growth companies and mature firms. I can prepare, analyze and critique a plan for your business from a financial and tax planning standpoint. This includes narratives and comprehensive profit and loss forecasting. I also have experienced marketing, legal and lending partners that can work with my clients as part of the business management process.


Payroll Services

Federal and State Filings and Planning

There is no need for business owners to 'bog' themselves down with payroll responsibilites or 'deal' with the administrative burden associated with payroll companies. Majsiak, CPA makes it simple for business owners to maintain a payroll and ensure that payroll liabilities are paid and filings are current.
Proactive planning is also provided which enables business owners to initiate money-saving self-employment and payroll strategies.


Personal Financial Planning

Financial planning is often used as a tool to sell investments and insurance products, or tax advice, or wills and trusts. That is not a bad thing: Without knowledgeable advice, these products and services would be a waste of money. True financial planning, however, does not look at these matters individually. Good planning requires that we consider the way these issues interact with each other. At my firm, I start by considering where you are today. I listen to your goals and expectations for the future. Then, to the extent you desire, I stand ready to assist you in all the disciplines of personal financial management. Not long ago, the best financial advice came from large organizations with the resources and manpower to deliver it. Today, technology allows smaller boutiques, like mine, to deliver equally sophisticated results, along with personal attention and continuity that is often elusive at large firms. I use the most advanced technology to meet the tax and financial planning needs of many wealthy families, business owners and senior executives. Specific financial planning services offered are as follows:
• Develop Net Worth and Financial Plan
• Periodic Monitoring of Financial Plan
• Retirement Planning
• Training Heirs
• Investment Guidelines and Strategies
• Personal Budgeting
• Charitable Giving Ideas
• Estate Planning
• Education (College) Cost Planning
• Tax Planning
• Personal Financial Statements
• Personal accounting & bookkeeping
• Estate, Gift and Trust Return Preparation


Bank, Mortgage, & SBA Loan Applications

Majsiak, CPA can assist you in obtaining mortgages or business loans. Self-employed individuals can obtain required complilations for mortgage applications. Whereas new business upstarts or owners contemplating expansion can have professional 'business plans' developed which are critical with leanding instituions. Majsiak,CPA has experience in the preparation of business plans to achieve compliance with SBA loan application requirements. In addition I work directly with my clients in preparation of the SBA application documents, managing the process and leveraging my expertise and contacts in selecting the best lending institution for the applicant.


Small Business Accounting Services

Let my firm do your back-office paper work

Many small businesses can not afford a full-time accountant to provide necessary accounting services in order to navigate the business financially. My firm offers accounting services which include Operating Statments, Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheets, Bank Reconciliations, Payroll, Inventory Costing, Budgeting, and Projections.
Hire a part-time controller, Majsiak CPA, to give your business the same advantage large corporations receive and make financial decisions with confidence.

Other Services


IRS, State, and Local Audit Representation

Rest Assured if your under audit

My firm knows the tax laws and regulations and I know how your tax return was prepared. When under audit 'Organization' is critical! I can provide complete representation services before the IRS as well as State and Local taxing authorities.


Management Advisory Services

Business Management

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Payroll Services

Hands Off Payroll Management


Manufacturing CostAccounting

Product Costing

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New Business Formation

How should you set up your New Business

When you form a small business, you have many options. You can set up your business as a Sole Proprietorship, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) or LLC (Limited Liability Company). How does one pick a business type?Laws governing these business entities are complex and can prove to be very costly. Every business formation has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Let Majsiak, CPA lead you out of this quandary


Government Defense Accounting and Reporting

Specialized Knowledge In Government Defense Contracting

My focus is threefold:

    Effective tax reduction strategies
    Efficient bookkeeping, and
    General business consulting.